The Marine Corps League Good Citizenship Award is presented to those Eagle Scouts that have shown great  honor and citizenship to their organization and community.   All Eagle Scouts are eligible to apply.  After the application has been approved, contact will be made to confirm the date, time and location for the presentation.  Thepresentation is usually done at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor.


The Marine Corps League is a member of The Military Coalition, an organization comprised of 28 member organizations representing more than five million members of the uniformed services - active, reserve, retired, survivors, veterans - and their families.  In addition to Marine Corps League-specific legislative initiatives, it makes every effort to participate with the larger group on most issues.  Any member of the League who has legislative input is welcome to contact your Department Commandant or his appointed state legislative officer or any member of this committee.


In 1778, during the War of Independence, the Marine Corps Rose was dedicated to those Marines who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for their country.  This tradition was continued by the French during World War I when the Marines attacked the Germans in the trenches at Belleau Wood.  Roses were planted by the grateful French people at the graves of the Fallen Marines.  When and where ever you see Leaguers or Young Marines distributing these remembrances, take and wear one proudly.


The Marine Corps League, along with other Veteran, Service, and Government Agencies, continues to work, lobby, and support the complete and accurate accounting of all our Prisioners of War and Missing in Action service members.  As long as there is one warrior unaccounted for the organizations involved in these programs will work tirelessly to find the answers to the hard and unanswered questions. 


The program was created to support injured Marine Corps personnel located at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in Washington D.C., Brooke Army hospital in San Antonio, as well as the Naval Hospitals at Balboa, Camp Pendleton and elsewhere.  The scope of support encompasses financial assistance, visits from Marine Corps League members, off-site day trips to include family outings, dinners, and short trips in support of the individual Marines' needs, as well as trips to  professional sporting events as opportunities present themselves.

Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Program (VAVS)

Marine Corps League members contribute thousands of man-hours each year supplementing staffs at VA Hospitals and facilities in providing morale, comfort, and assistance to institutionalized veterans.

Annually members of the Marine Corps League join in camaraderie and fellowship for the purpose of preserving traditions,  promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps, banding together those who are now serving in the Corps and those who have been honorably discharged from that service.  Effectively promote the ideals of American Freedom and democracy.  Voluntarily aiding and

U.S. Marines Youth Physical Fitness Program
The League developed and administers a program that promotes a healthy, drug free life style for elementary through high school students.

Marine For Life Program
The League works very closely with the Marine Corps M-4-L program, providing mentors nationwide.  In areas of the country where there is no Marine Corps "point of contact." The League works directly with M-4-L Headquarters to provide services to transitioning Marines.


The Marine Corps League Awards program is designed to recognize the outstanding performance of the members of the Marine Corps League in continuing  to deliver outstanding service to our communities, members, and veterans in our daily life.  

Young Marines of the Marine Corps League
The Young Marines Program of the Marine Corps League is a program for youth emphasizing honesty, courage, respect, industry, loyalty, dependability, and a sense of devotion to God, country, community, and family.  The Young Marines Program receives funding from Congress and the United States Marine Corps, primarily because of their drug interdiction focus on drug education and prevention.


The Marine Corps League Professional Development Program is designed to expose new members to the scope of the League, to make them knowledgeable and productive members.  For the old Salts, it serves to bring them up to date on changes in the League, and remind them of the details of the League to help them to be better prepared to advance to Leadership Positions on the Department Level and above.

Marine Corps League Auxiliary

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The Marine Corps League Auxiliary was chartered on 4 September 1937 as a subsidiary organization of the Marine Corps League.  On 25 August 1950, the Auliliary was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia as an affiliate of the Marine Corps League.  The Auxiliary was formed for the purpose of promoting the interests of the U.S. Marine Corps, the Marine Corps League and to protect and advance the welfare of Marines and their dependents.  Auxilliary members participate in a wide variety of programs that benefit and preserve the fundamental rights and freedoms of every person of this Nation, young and old.

Marine Corps Reserve 

Toys for Tots Program
Marine Corps League Detachments in nearly every community take part annually in the United States Marine Corps Reserve Toys-For-Tots campaign to raise funds and collect and distribute toys to needy children.  In communities where there is an existing Marine Corps Reserve Unit, the League works hand-in-hand supporting their campaign.  In other communities, the Marine Corps League takes the lead, ensuring a successful Campaign.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) have announced the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness in the United States has been cut nearly in half since 2010.  The data revealed a 17% decrease in veteran homelessness between January 2015 and December 2015.  The January 2016 figures quadruple the previous year's annual decline, and show a 47%  total decrease since 2010.

While there has been great success in this endevor there is still alot of work to be done and the Marine Corps League is continually working on the problem.


Provide Scholarship Grants to qualified applicants who are pursuing an undergraduate degree, and will be enrolled as a full time student (12 semester hour minimum) in the upcoming academic year beginning Fall Semester and is attending an accredited undergraduate institution.  Scholarships may be awarded for a maximum of four (4) years.  (These Grants do not have to be in consecutive years.)

Veterans Service Officer Program

The National Headquarters retains a full-time staff member who assists veterans in adjudicating claims against the government as a result of active duty service.  Claims are processed through the Department of Veterans Affairs or other appropriate agencies of the federal government.

Military Order of the Devil Dogs
The  Military Order of Devil Dogs is made up only of Members ot the Marine Corps League.  The Order only accepts the most worthy of League Members.  The main purpose of the Devil DOgs is to promote good fellowship among the members of different Marine Corps League Detachments.  The Order provides amusement and entertainment at all gatherings of the League, and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the League.  The Order maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution and laws.  The Order also fosters and extends American institutions of freedom and defends America against all enemies foreign and domestic.  The Order is also very active in raising funds for children's hospitals, and associated charities.  You must be a paid-up member in good standing in the Marine Corps League.